Return Policy

Our Return Policy:
Most of our inventory is taken on consignment.  Our policy is a 100% money-back guarantee on items  if returned within 7 days of purchase, providing the item is returned in the condition in which it was sent. After  7 days, monies are released to the consignor's accounts making refunds not possible.   

Shipping fees are not refundable.

If returning an item please CONTACT US first to let us know it is on it's way.  Packages containing items to be returned, that arrive at our store after the 7 day period will be placed in an account, under your name, for consignment, according to Roland, Inc. consignment policies.

Send to:
Roland Inc.
8443 Pensacola Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32534

Please research all items before purchasing.  Ask these questions:

  • Which edition are you looking for?  (ex: 1st ed, 2nd ed. etc.) Student editions must match Teacher's editions to be compatible.
  • What is the catalog # or ISBN # ? (we list the catalog #, or ISBN # before the title of the book, if available)
  • Is it a teacher edition or teacher key, or teacher test key, or the student book that you are looking for?
  • Does the book on our site look like the picture on the publisher's site?

Doing your homework will save you money and time!