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Homeschool Book Smart in Pensacola, Florida, is your trusted destination for quality homeschooling resources, books, and curriculum. With our in-depth understanding of the unique needs of homeschool teachers and parents, we empower families to create personalized learning experiences. Visit us during our in-store shopping hours on Thursday/Friday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Our online store is ALWAYS open!

About Our Books

We obtain our items through consignment. We accept curricula for grades preschool through high school. When an item has been in the store longer than 1 year the price is reduced to 1\2 price. You may see 2 identical items with the price listed at a price half of the other. All our items are pre-owned, we only list items in good to excellent condition. No markings unless noted on the listing.

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  • Bob Jones University Press Books

    Discover the enriching world of Bob Jones University Press Books, where quality educational materials meet a commitment to excellence.

  • Classical Conversations Books

    Explore a treasure trove of Classical Conversations Books, where knowledge and inspiration unite through timeless literature, fostering a love for learning in every page turned.

  • Apologia Books

    A captivating world of thought-provoking literature with Apologia Books, where imagination meets enlightenment.

  • All About Learning

    Unleash the power of effective learning education with All About Learning - a meticulously crafted, user-friendly program designed to cater to busy parents, teachers, and tutors seeking a seamless, open-and-go solution for their students' educational success.

  • All About Reading

    Unleash reading potential with our tailored program for parents, teachers, and tutors. Enjoy research-backed, 20-minute lessons in phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension.

  • Saxon Textbooks

    A trusted favorite among homeschoolers for its incremental spiral approach, delivering bite-sized lessons and reinforcing concepts to ensure homeschool students retain and apply their math skills effectively.