Consignor Agreement

Consignor Agreement for Roland, Inc.
Please copy and return with your consignment!


  1. Consignors are requested to send by mail or bring in clean books and materials to the store during  regular store hours.  Any items needing cleaning or mending will be charged an additional 10% consignor fee.  Any items deemed by Roland, Inc. to not be pertaining to Home Schooling or in bad condition or out of date will be disposed of at the store's discretion.
  2. Items will be priced or reduced in price at the store's discretion.  We strive to set reasonable prices that allow a savings for our customers and still make money for our consignors. Most items are priced at 50% of the retail price , we research item's market value and adjust the price accordingly.   
  3. Consignment is 50/50.  All bookkeeping is done by computer.  Upon entering consignor's information, the computer assigns a number for each consignor.  The consignor number and each item number are printed on a label with a bar code.  When the bar code is scanned at the point of sale, the consignor's account is credited.  Due to the increased services provided via website and fees associated with it , each item will have an item fee attached to the sales price.  This fee is paid for by the purchasing  customer.
  4. Payment to consignors will be mailed the first week of April, August and December if the consignor's balance is greater than $25.00.  Balances less than $25.00 will be carried over to the next pay period. A fee of $1.00 will be assessed for this service to cover postage and handling.  Consignors may come by the store during regular business hours for payment or use their credit towards a purchase.
  5. The consignment period is 365 days.  Items not sold within this time will be disposed of at the store's discretion.  NO NOTICES WILL BE SENT!  A consignor who desires the return of any unsold items must remove them within two weeks of their expiration.  Items removed within 6 months of consignment will be charged $1.00 per item to cover processing and handling fees.
  6. ROLAND, INC. is not responsible for consigned items that are lost, stolen or damaged by fire, water or customers.
  7. While processing  materials, we sometimes find materials that are badly worn, written in, or having pages missing: these items will be discarded at the store's discretion.  We do not accept  older edition curricula.
  8. It is the consignor's responsibility to notify Roland, Inc. of any changes of address.  Checks mailed and then returned because of insufficient address or marked "returned to sender" will be assessed a $3.00 bookkeeping fee. It is the responsibility of the consignor to keep in touch with Roland, Inc. Monies not collected by consignor after a one year period will become property of Roland, Inc. and can only be redeemed through store credit.