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  • The Flying Flea, Callie and Me

    The Flying Flea, Callie and Me

    Who ever heard of a cat that didn't eat birds? The house people had picked me out of my litter to be a mouser. Callie was getting too old for the job. So it was mine. But I didn't plan on getting dive-bombed by a mockingbird building her nest...or ad

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  • There's a Hamster in My Lunchbox (Little Apple)

    There's a Hamster in My Lunchbox (Little Apple)

    Enthusiastically accepting the anonymous Halloween hamster left on their teacher's desk as the class pet, Elizabeth's class wonders who gave it to them, and Elizabeth determines to solve the mystery while - pbk

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  • Trapped in Death Cave (Aladdin Adventure)

    Trapped in Death Cave (Aladdin Adventure)

    A CURSED TREASURE! Everybody thinks Gary's grampa died in a fishing accident. But from a note Grampa left, Gary suspects he was murdered. The note tells of a million dollars in gold hidden in a cave and an old Indian curse-pbk

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  • Hunted Along the Rhine (Daring Adventure)

    Hunted Along the Rhine (Daring Adventure)

    In this thrill-packed new Daring Adventure Series title, Mark and Penny Daring try to foil a secret communist plot to gain control of the country!

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  • Just William

    Just William

    There is only one Just William. The loveable imp has been harassing his unfortunate family and delighting hundreds of thousands of readers for years. Here, the Outlaws plan a day of non-stop adventure. hbk

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  • The Junkyard Dog

    The Junkyard Dog

    Katie refilled the saucer and he came rught up next to her. His tongue made sloshing noises as he drank eagerly. Boy, she'd never seen anyone that thirsty! When he finished, he stayed at the fence. Katie was croached down; they were eye to eye. pbk

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  • Harper and Moon

    Harper and Moon

    Harper is captivated by Moon, who is a few years older, when they spend the summer with Olinger, an old mountain man, in eastern Washington, but when Olinger dies mysteriously, Harper's friendship is put to the test. Reprint. pbk

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  • Our Only May Amelia (Harper Trophy Books)

    Our Only May Amelia (Harper Trophy Books)

    It isn't easy being a pioneer in the state of Washington in 1899, but it's particularly hard when you are the only girl ever born in the new settlement. With seven older brothers and a love of adventure, pbk

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